Joining Forces to Fight Poverty

United Way partners with the city to help lift more people out of poverty. Read more 

The Evolution of Giving

United Way has a long history of bringing people together to help those in need Read more 

The Need is Great

Economic uncertainty creates greater pressure on families in low income Read more 

Cultural Connection

Culturally based programs offer Edmonton’s aboriginal homeless population healing and hope Read more 

Seeking Safe Shelter

With a disproportionate number of LGBTQ youth ending up on the streets, organizations are working to improve acceptance and tolerance Read more 

Home to Stay

The Community Bridge program works to prevent eviction and keep people in their homes Read more 

Portrait of Homelessness

Edmonton’s homeless by the numbers Read more 

Better Together

Communities join together for a three-year campaign to house Canada’s most vulnerable, chronically homeless population Read more 

A Safe Refuge

Housing shortages are only one of many issues facing immigrants and refugees Read more 

House Smarts

Local program builds financial stability and a better future for people across the province Read more 

The Value in Giving

Meet some Capital Region residents who see power in the action of giving back – from volunteering time to making donations Read more 

New Days Dawning

Stephenie White overcame loss, incarceration and addiction on the way to better times. Now she’s giving back Read more 

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Family kits teach parents to interact with their kids with age-appropriate books, toys and activities Read more 

A Road Map

A mapping initiative is generating information that’s giving some Alberta children a better start Read more 

Talking about mental health and poverty

An expert panel explores the links between mental illness and poverty Read more 

Changing how we consider mental health science

The science of mental health shifts towards early detection and prevention Read more 

Reaching beyond PTSD

More details about PTSD are coming to light, thanks to public awareness and treatment options Read more 

Mental illness on the job

How businesses can address the challenges of mental illness in the workplace
Read more 

A Strong Start

The Parents as Champions program helps connect parents and kids to invaluable resources Read more 

Set for Success

Lunch programs, outreach support and stay-in- school initiatives are all part of a collaborative measure to help children succeed in their education Read more