Thank You 2016 Community Impact Speakers!

During campaign season, United Way receives requests from hundreds of organizations to hear first-hand how donor contributions are improving the lives of people in our community.

United Way Community Impact Speakers volunteer their time, sharing personal stories about the needs and supports that exist in our community. These presentations inform and inspire their audiences to support United Way and our partner agencies in our collective action to end poverty in the Alberta Capital Region.

In 2016, these individuals made a unique contribution and significant impact as speakers: Ala Elamy, Andy Connelly, Barb Spencer, Bobbi Palynchuk, Bonnie Caron, Brenda Hawryluk, Brent Guidinger, Calvin Avery, Chris Gibson, Christine Hamm, Danisha Bhaloo, Danny Haines, Dianne Jackson, Don Gordon, Donna Lemeiux, Edgar Jackson, Eileen Papulkas, ­Elizabeth Halpin, Harjinder Boparai, Heather ­Boonstra, ­Ivana Silva, Jay Freeman, Jean Cremer, Jennifer Higley, ­Jimmy Morrison, Jordan Reiniger, Katie ­Wallbaum, Lana Tordoff, Larry Derkach, Laurie Anderson, Lincoln ­Nanquawetung, Liz Lacika, Medina Bandalli, Melissa St. Dennis, Miranda Jimmy, Monica Das, Nick Lovejoy, Nicola Dakers, Ron Campbell, Ross Norton, Ryan Myers, Sentsetsa Pilane, Shirley Sandul, Susanne Gross, Tamara Gaudet, Tanaura Seon, ­Tannis Pearson, Vickie Mancini and Will Kunyk.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Has a United Way funded partner agency had a positive impact on your life or someone you know? Are you a volunteer or staff member of an agency who can share knowledge of the inspiring work happening in our community? Become a part of United Way’s volunteer Community Impact Speaker program, and you’ll receive free public speaking training, meet great people and inspire social change.

For more information please contact Tasha at 780-443-8380 or

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